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Voting Lib Dem is your only real option to fight Brexit - Don't look back with regret

27th Aug 2019 - Gavin Scott

“I do not want to look back and say, ‘I could have voted to stop this!’ Voting now for the Liberal Democrats is the only thing that makes sense if you don’t want to leave the EU. It’s time to focus on the only party that can and will stop Brexit.”

This was my answer to a friend's question about why I am fighting with the Lib Dems to restore some stability to our great country by stopping this nonsense that is on course to wreak havoc to our businesses, our prosperity and our communities.

I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this way - I hope not anyway. We have one chance, if indeed an election is coming, to move us back from the edge of a looming no-deal Brexit. One vote! I hope, like me, you want that vote to count so you can look back and know that you helped prevent a disasterous shock from walloping into our lives.

Please stand up and show that you do not agree with Brexit by voting Lib Dem when the call comes. Your time is coming...

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Stop Brexit

Should we rejoice at Boris becoming PM and in his new Brexit-loving cabinet?

25th July 2019 - Gavin Scott

Odd though this may sound coming from a committed Remainer like me, I can actually see something of an upside here - maybe. Boris and his team are making such a fuss about just how Brexity they are, but why so much noise?

I think the answer may be this – follow my reasoning and see if this makes sense to you…

Boris has no realistic working majority, and B&R is about to reduce it further when Jane Dodds gets elected. To do anything at all is going to be incredibly difficult for him. Even a good number of his own side are dead-set on stopping his ridiculous march off the looming cliff-edge.

But, if Boris says all the right things – by which I mean the things his followers love to hear – and if Boris is seen to be doing what he said he would do, then this puts him in a much better position if a General Election is called. He’s creating something the Leave voters will rally to, decimating the Brexit Party vote as a consequence, and giving himself a fighting chance of improving his fortunes at a GE. Especially so if it appears, or is made to appear, that those of us opposing him have forced this to happen. “Not my fault people, I’m doing what I said – look at my fabulous shiny Brexit team – but Parliament has forced us into another GE. Re-elect me and we can continue the job. Don’t vote for the Brexit Party or you’ll split the Leave vote.”

Now, this strategy could work. It could put him back in a better position even if only slightly. Who would continue to vote for the Brexit Party? Well, some hardcore followers will of course, but their numbers will be hit really hard by Boris. Many Labour Leavers will be tempted to go to the dark side and vote for Farage, but, if this means we end up with a collection of Brexit Party MPs too, then Boris will ally with them to get Brexit done anyway and secure a better majority. He has little to lose and a lot to gain.

In this scenario – which I believe is the aim of Boris’ evil plan – there is really only one option if you do not want to leave the EU and that is to vote Lib Dem.

It is not clear at this point if a vote of no confidence in the house could initiate a GE before the Brexit deadline of October 31st. If it can then things might be as I say. If it can’t then not much changes - except we have to focus on re-joining the EU as being our primary message, assuming we do go over that looming cliff.

Either way, anyone wanting to remain or re-join is faced with a very real issue of who to vote for. The only thing that makes any sense at all is to support us, and so this is an opportunity for our cause, reflected in the already rising numbers of new members, to get the whole common Remain support behind our candidates.

This might very well come down to a straight fight between the Lib Dems to stop Brexit, and Boris to push it through. It’s a fight we can win and it may be the best chance we will get to take back control. Have I heard that phrase somewhere before?

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Big Bad Boris

Measuring "Multiple Deprivation" across North Wales

20th April 2019 - Gavin Scott

The Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD) is the official measure of deprivation in small areas of Wales

The term "Multiple Deprivation" refers to more than one type of deprivation. An area is multipally deprived if, for more than one of the categories, it has a concentration of people experiencing that type of deprivation.

I have compiled a report for our region of North Wales, based on the information available on the Welsh Government website. This is what we have to show for 20 years of representation by Labour's Ann Jones AM.

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graph of multiple deprivation rates for north wales

Voter Apathy and Deliberative Democracy

10th April 2019 - Gavin Scott

How might we address the problem of voter confidence and belief in democracy?

Responding to a recent article on the RSA's website: "Voters’ apathy and anger show why we must restore belief in democracy" by Riley Thorold, I am much drawn to the concept of "Deliberative Democracy" and how "Citizens' Assemblies" could prove to be a useful idea and approach to many of today's problems.

Please do take a look at the RSA's article and at the Hansard Society report it references (links below)

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graph of multiple deprivation rates for north wales